Ground Rules & Competition
1. The race is open to all Cub Scouts registered in Pack 848.

2. The car must have been built during the current year (the school year in which the Derby is held). Cars that have competed in a previous Derby are not permitted. The event isn't about winning and losing, but it's about helping your son with a challenging project and being with each other.

3. Competition will consist of a full track of cars for each race.  (There are several lanes wide on the track.)  The competition committee will determine how to race the cars in the fairest manner possible to determine the fastest cars.

4. Only race officials and scouts participating in the current race may enter the track area. This rule will be strictly enforced. Please help the boys and siblings protect the track and cars.

5. This is a fun event and it can be trying at times for some of the younger scouts. Lets remember that we are doing our best, and to cheer on our friend's cars too!