1. Use powdered graphite only. Oil damages the paint, collects dust and will get on the track and tire treads slowing things down and gumming them up. Word on the street is that the regular graphite works better than the newer white Teflon.

2. Break in the wheels by lots of spinning and with lots of graphite while still at home. Some people will put the axle in the chuck of a drill for even more spinning. 

3. Put a small amount of graphite on the body where the hub of the wheel might rub. That causes less friction if the wheel should rub against the car body.

4. There are almost as many ideas and tricks to go faster as there are car builders.  So try some things out, and be sure to share your results with your scout friends!

5. Graphite is a very fine powder and it gets seemingly everywhere. So don't be too disappointed if your wonderful paint job has a little here and there. This is completely normal and as far as your son's car being officially judged, it doesn't come into consideration.

Oh yeah, have fun too!