Registration Day, Being Prepared
1. If you have them, bring an extra axle and wheel to the Sign-up and registration. You never know when his car may be the one dropped while showing off his happens.

2. Have a derby tool kit handy. It should include graphite, superglue gel, sandpaper, a drill & bits, extra screws for adding weights, extra weights, a small screwdriver, double sided tape. You may not need to use any of this stuff, but being prepared will go a long way if it is needed, and it can help fix someone else's car.

3. Transport your car in a shoe-box or something similarly sized. Cars are a little off balanced and have rolling wheels, so dropped cars are unfortunately a too common experience.

4. Add graphite right before check in (outside of the building, of course).

5. Explain to your son that running the car along the floor prior to the race will cause it to be very slow!  But after the race, that's a better time for the floor.