The Tiger Uniform

Required Uniform:
  • Blue Shirt (Short Sleeve is best)
  • Hat
  • Neckerchief
  • Slide
  • Belt
The shirt will last through Third Grade - so size it appropriately.

  • Official Pants and/or Shorts
  • Official Socks
Each Additional Year:
The Pack will supply:
  • New Hat
  • New Neckerchief
  • New Slide
Patches You'll need to Buy
  • World Scout Crest Emblem (purple patch above left pocket)
  • Grand Canyon Council Patch (left arm)*
  • Red Pack Numbers 8 4 8 (left arm)
  • The American Flag comes with the shirt 
  • Den Number (right arm, under U.S. Flag)
We estimate all to total about $65.  Remember that you only need to purchase these once since your boy uses the same uniform as he moves up each year. 

Patches You don't need to Buy
Any Rank Advancement Badge or Patch that your boy earns will be awarded (at no cost) during the Monthly Pack Meetings.  You will need to sew them on, but they are provided.

Time to Sew?
The image to the right will help with the placement of emblems and patches. Also this Official Link helps.
And some people find that Badge Magic®  or similar glue can help to keep things in place while they are sewn.

Where to Purchase Items
Before most pack meetings we normally make a trip to one of the Scout Shops in either Mesa or Phoenix.  You can also visit, this is the official online scout shop.  You might contact your Cubmaster or Den Leader if you need a patch or two - we might be able to save you a trip and pick them up for you at our cost.

* The Pack may have Council Patches and other standard patches in stock. Check with the Cubmaster or Den Leader for availability.